Income on the Side – Affiliate Marketing Guide With ClickBank

18 Nov

I know generating a small income on the side is hard to do, and I’m sure for a long time you’ve been trying out different methods of how this can be done online.

In all your searching you must have come across Affiliate Marketing at least a dozen times, right?

It’s everywhere, and a lot of people have been able to make small, medium, big, and even HUGE amounts of money promoting someone else’s product and receiving a commission on a sale.

Take a look a the ClickBank website and you’ll notice a running counter of the amount of money the site makes for its affiliates. It’s ridiculously big. But they do have hundreds of thousands of people, just like you and me, promoting and selling products everyday.

Let me walk you through a basic step by step to show you how you can get started and start earning your first commission.

Admittedly, this article won’t be able to go in to depth for everything that you need. It takes a lot of other research to acquire some of the skills necessary to make a decent profit online. But if you take these steps, it will give you a great outline on how you can start the process of becoming an affiliate marketer and start generating income on the side.

– First sign up for a free account with ClickBank

– Find a product you would like to promote

This stage has various factors.

You should choose something you have even a slight interest in, as you’re going to have to write about that product in a later stage.

And you should choose a product that has a reasonable commission (most on ClickBank are more than reasonable), and one that people are actually buying.

To know if the product you are choosing is a popular choice and people are buying, check the ‘gravity’ rating ClickBank gives to the product.

The higher the better as this means this is a ‘hot’ product and that affiliates (people like you) are selling, and that customers are buying. (this can also mean that there is lots of competition for affiliate sales of that particular product, but don’t let that put you off.)

– Once you have a product to promote, you are given a special link to offer potential customers. If they use this link and buy, you receive a commission.

– Take that code, and save it for now. (copy, paste, and save)

– Start a free blog with blogspot, WordPress, any of the many free blogs available.

– Write a short blog post reviewing the product you want to promote, and in the blog post, include the special link you were given.

– Now whenever someone who reads that blog post clicks on your link, and then buys the products, you receive a commission. So make sure you write something favourable.

– Repeat that process for other items and you’ll soon be on your way to receiving commissions through online affiliation.

The great thing is, once you write the article and include your link, your done! And that has potential to make you money even when your not at your computer. Even when you’re asleep!

Imagine earning $25 commission on one product per day, which is a reasonable estimate. That’s $175 a week!

Now imagine earning $25 commission on four different products!

You’d be earning $100 a day just for writing a couple of articles and promoting various products.

It’s very very doable, and there are lots and lots of great systems and programs to help you on your way.

Just do some research and you’ll find the little income on the side you wanted, isn’t so little after all!

And keep posted, click the sign up button on the top right corner of this page to keep updated and learn more on this amazing  topic!…

Regards Ocsha.


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