Basic Blog Traffic

1 Dec

Improving Traffic Level is main key to improve the earnings
from your ads. “More people visit your website, greater possibility its click “.

Improving your visitor blog amount is not as easy as told; it
needs the patience and hard work.

Are you tired no one visits your blog? Low traffic means few
readers. This first welcome I will ask have you done this basic strategy?

I will give the practical tips which you can use for develop
the traffic element based on my experience.

Good quality contents, attracting, useful and pure

Which Blog is often you visit? If you like me, then blog with quality content is
most often. It is base elementary for improve your readership except you own the
“genius idea” for draw the visitor.

Good Weblog Design and Layout
is important if you wish to
give the impression at first visit.

Link to other blog – Be the prodigal person to give the
link other blog. You’d be surprised by how many link will return to your blog.
This is not only add your traffic but nor damage of your blog ranking in Google.

Giving comments in others blog
– Some devoted reader come
to our blog because of we often have interaction to them. Give the precise
comment, because it is easy to spam at comment section, but it will leave the
negative effect for you.

Update periodically
– If you didn’t posting during 1
month, try to see what happen to your total visitor.

Interaction with the reader
– Owning interactive blog
invite the reader involvement is one way to get the devoted visitor. There is
some way of this matter example: allow visitor to advice your blog for your blog

Search Engine Optimization
– It’s very important of
Search Engine role in improving amount traffic, especially traffic that will
click your ads. So, more work hard to enlisted and ranking your blog as high as
possible at Search Engine.

Put your url blog below email signature
– Each time you
send to friend or other hence your blog url directly will be seen if they read
your email. This also represent one of way to promote your blog .

Enhancing RSS feed at your blog
– more people read the
blog without visiting blog directly through/ passing News Aggregators that take
the information use the RSS. Its better only give the abstracts info at your RSS
feed, so that if there is interested reader with the topic that write, then will
be interested to read furthermore to your blog.

Registering your site at portals
– There are some site
that list blog exclusively. Some focussed at certain topic (like
Globe of
). Other portal like Blogshares ,Blog Street and Blog Tree also lists a lot of blog with a few ways that possibly will improve your blog profile.

Make the Newsletter
– Offering your reader to subscribe
your blog newsletter so they always up to date.

Interaction in website forums
– participating in forums
and discuses at thread according to your blog topic. Mostly they permit you to
make signature / signature that fill by your url blog. This represents the free
promotion for your blog.

Promoting your topic
– If you write something that
according to you make proper seen and draw for others, promote it. First think a
moment before you send it through email – selectively and behave respectably in
promoting it or you’d be assumed to spam.

Enhancing “email post to friend” feature in each of blog item

– if your reader read it and feel that it useful and attracting, maybe he/she
wish to inform to friends. If you provide the feature “email post to friend”,
hence they will easy to do it and your blog even also get the new reader.

This is only some idea’s that you can use to improve your blog

Best of Luck,



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