How to Get Your Brand New Website Off to a Good Start

1 Dec

If you are building a website to promote affiliate links which you
hope someday will be ranked well in the search engines, here is
some advice.

This will be hard for beginners to do. I know this because I have
been there myself and know how hard it is to see the big picture.

If you hope to have your site ranked well by Google, do not put any
affiliate links on your site at first.

1. It won’t do any good anyway because a new site gets no search
engine traffic.

2. Google can have very adverse reactions to the site if they think
the site MIGHT be there just to promote affiliate links. They are
really clamping down on this lately. Google hates sites which seem
to be there just to promote affiliate links.

3. Spend a few days submitting the new site to relevant directories. If your site is about dogs, do a search in Google for “Dog Directories”. You will find many directories where you can submit your site for free. Many of these sites have good rankings in Google and will benefit your site’s status.

Be patient with new sites. Create plenty of good content Google
will love. Make sure you understand SEO BEFORE writing the content.
Get the site ranked in Google before putting the first affiliate
link on. And even then, do not slap affiliate links all over it. One
at first is plenty.

Of course if you plan on getting traffic from a source besides free
search engine traffic, this advice does not apply. But I highly
suggest beginners do not assume they can make a profit by driving
traffic to their site with PayPerClick.

Best Regards,



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