Basic Blog Traffic

1 Dec

Improving Traffic Level is main key to improve the earnings
from your ads. “More people visit your website, greater possibility its click “.

Improving your visitor blog amount is not as easy as told; it
needs the patience and hard work.

Are you tired no one visits your blog? Low traffic means few
readers. This first welcome I will ask have you done this basic strategy?

I will give the practical tips which you can use for develop
the traffic element based on my experience.

Good quality contents, attracting, useful and pure

Which Blog is often you visit? If you like me, then blog with quality content is
most often. It is base elementary for improve your readership except you own the
“genius idea” for draw the visitor.

Good Weblog Design and Layout
is important if you wish to
give the impression at first visit.

Link to other blog – Be the prodigal person to give the
link other blog. You’d be surprised by how many link will return to your blog.
This is not only add your traffic but nor damage of your blog ranking in Google.

Giving comments in others blog
– Some devoted reader come
to our blog because of we often have interaction to them. Give the precise
comment, because it is easy to spam at comment section, but it will leave the
negative effect for you.

Update periodically
– If you didn’t posting during 1
month, try to see what happen to your total visitor.

Interaction with the reader
– Owning interactive blog
invite the reader involvement is one way to get the devoted visitor. There is
some way of this matter example: allow visitor to advice your blog for your blog

Search Engine Optimization
– It’s very important of
Search Engine role in improving amount traffic, especially traffic that will
click your ads. So, more work hard to enlisted and ranking your blog as high as
possible at Search Engine.

Put your url blog below email signature
– Each time you
send to friend or other hence your blog url directly will be seen if they read
your email. This also represent one of way to promote your blog .

Enhancing RSS feed at your blog
– more people read the
blog without visiting blog directly through/ passing News Aggregators that take
the information use the RSS. Its better only give the abstracts info at your RSS
feed, so that if there is interested reader with the topic that write, then will
be interested to read furthermore to your blog.

Registering your site at portals
– There are some site
that list blog exclusively. Some focussed at certain topic (like
Globe of
). Other portal like Blogshares ,Blog Street and Blog Tree also lists a lot of blog with a few ways that possibly will improve your blog profile.

Make the Newsletter
– Offering your reader to subscribe
your blog newsletter so they always up to date.

Interaction in website forums
– participating in forums
and discuses at thread according to your blog topic. Mostly they permit you to
make signature / signature that fill by your url blog. This represents the free
promotion for your blog.

Promoting your topic
– If you write something that
according to you make proper seen and draw for others, promote it. First think a
moment before you send it through email – selectively and behave respectably in
promoting it or you’d be assumed to spam.

Enhancing “email post to friend” feature in each of blog item

– if your reader read it and feel that it useful and attracting, maybe he/she
wish to inform to friends. If you provide the feature “email post to friend”,
hence they will easy to do it and your blog even also get the new reader.

This is only some idea’s that you can use to improve your blog

Best of Luck,



3 Tips For Increasing Your Affiliate Marketing Income With Ease

1 Dec

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy. With the growing number of affiliates each day eager to claim their share of the affiliate marketing pie, you have to be more clever than ever in order to get sales. So in this article, we’ll take a look at 3 tips to increase your affiliate marketing income and close more visitors – so that you can earn more money. Here’s tip number 1:

TIP #1: Offer an email newsletter

All super affiliates that you hear about in the affiliate marketing circles have an opt-in newsletter that get them the bulk of their income. And it makes sense. You can follow up on a prospect multiple times thereby increasing the chance that they’ll buy your product or service.

Most prospects need to be mailed about 7 times before they purchase a product, so keep this in mind when creating your email newsletter and getting a little impatient about sales. In your email newsletter, you will want to provide great tips on how to do something that your prospects will find useful. All you want to do at this step is build your credibility so that your prospects can view you as an expert in your niche.

Here’s another tip for closing more visitors:

TIP #2: Have your own website

Without your own website, you face a number of problems in affiliate marketing. The first problem is that your affiliate links won’t be masked and more than likely, visitors won’t click on them since they don’t look attractive. Another problem is that article directories and pay-per-click search engines like Google AdWords prohibit the use of linking directly to an affiliate page from your ad or article. Another problem is that without your own website, you can’t pre-sell your prospect efficiently in order to further the chance of closing the sale. You can’t even offer an email newsletter for visitors to opt-in to because you don’t have your own website to host the form on! And plus, you can’t host Google AdSense either!

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need your own website – regardless of what anyone else tells you. With your own website, you can offer great content that’s designed to close your prospects on a particular product or service. They’ll read your articles, find your recommendations useful, and will click to find out more. This is a great way to earn money using affiliate marketing, and with a lot of your content pages out there, the higher your chances are of closing your prospect on the sale. Here’s tip number 3:

TIP #3: Generate traffic using free methods

It’s getting more and more expensive to advertise online so you need new and creative ways to get traffic to your affiliate presell page without breaking the bank. Free advertising methods online allow you to do that.

One of the best ways to get traffic to your webpages is with article marketing. With article marketing, you simply write articles about a topic in your niche and submit them to the article directories. This is a great way to get free traffic since website owners come and pick your articles up and publish them on their website. Plus, the top article directories receive high search engine rankings, so you get free search engine traffic from your articles too.

But article marketing isn’t the only way to get free traffic to your website, you should implement video marketing also. With video marketing, you provide help information via video that users can see and interact with. You allow you visitors to learn and understand easier what you are saying since they can see what you are talking about. To get traffic back to your presell or content page, simply include your website information at the bottom of the article to get visitors back to your website.

Another great and time-tested way to get traffic to your website is through the use of forum marketing. Forum marketing is great because many forums online have thousands of members – something that you can’t have instant access to with a lot of other marketing methods. When using forum marketing, you will want to only provide helpful tips and advice that their users can benefit from.

Remember, it’s not you who they care about – it’s your advice. So dish out your advice and include your website information in your signature line. If the members find your information worthwhile, they will more than likely visit your website for more helpful advice. And then when they land on your presell, article, or review page, you can mention a few products that they should use – and also include your affiliate link in there.

Is all of this making sense to you? Do you see how easy it is to set all of this up? I hope so.

One last thing I want to mention is that you should purchase the affiliate product that you want to promote first. You want to do this because you want your readers and visitors to truly benefit from a product that they purchased – especially if you recommended it. This way, they can trust your recommendations in the future and you can earn more sales simply because your expert advice is valuable.

Keep these tips in mind when embarking on promoting an affiliate product. Once you implement the techniques in this article, you will be well on your way to seeing more sales and profits from your affiliate marketing efforts. Good luck!

5 Free Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Schemes

1 Dec

When starting out, a lot of affiliates are keen to use free methods of promoting their chosen affiliate schemes – possibly because they don’t have the funds to pay for traffic, they’re not sure how to create cost-effective advertising campaigns, or simply because they want to test out new offers before they invest in paid-for marketing. There are a number of options for promoting affiliate schemes for free, and even successful affiliates, who can afford expensive advertising campaigns, still use some or all of them. Here are 5 of the most popular ways to generate affiliate commissions without spending any money.

Article Marketing

By writing short articles, and posting them on popular article directory sites like EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, and Buzzle, you can get traffic to your affiliate schemes in a number of ways. Firstly, people will visit these websites looking for information. If they find your article and like what they read, they will click on the links to your affiliate offers. Also, other site owners will use content form these directories on their own website, which they are allowed to do, as long as they don’t remove the links to your affiliate schemes.

This way, the site owner gets great content for their website, and you get more people seeing your article, with could mean more affiliate commissions. Finally, these directories are well-respected by the search engines, so if you write a good, keyword-rich article, you could find it gets onto page one of Google, which will mean a lot of traffic to the affiliate schemes you are promoting. Some directories won’t let you link directly to your affiliate offers, but blogs are a free alternative to having to build your own website


Blogging has become a very popular way to promote offers and earn affiliate commissions, and with platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Blogspot letting anyone create their own blog for free, they can be a great way for you to promote your affiliate schemes. You do have to be careful however, as these sites aren’t keen on people creating blogs just to promote an offer and generate affiliate commissions. You can link to your affiliate offers, but make sure the content of your blog has some merit in its own right.

Providing useful and informative blog posts will not only keep the site owners happy, it will mean your readers are more likely to click on the links to your affiliate schemes. Again, Google loves these sites too, so if you get your keyword optimization right, you could find your blog getting a high ranking in the search engine, and even more traffic.

Forum Marketing

Marketing your affiliate schemes on forums does take a bit of skill, as a lot of the people who use these forums are wary of individuals who are obviously just using them to try and make Affiliate Commissions. You need to build up your reputation so people start to trust you. Be helpful, offer advice and free information, rather than trying to promote your offers. Sure enough, when you’ve built up a good reputation, people will be interested enough to check out the links in your profile and signature field.

These will will send them to the affiliate schemes you are promoting, where some of them will buy. Of course, you need to make sure you are marketing offers that are relevant to the forum, and as a general rule, the more you give (in terms of information and advice), the more you are likely to get out of forum marketing.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is similar to forum marketing in that it relies on you giving something away, in the hope of generating affiliate commission in the long run. Firstly, you create a small report, or mini-ebook on a key topic or issue in your chosen niche, with advice and ideas about how to solve this problem. Amongst all this great information, you also include links to the affiliate schemes you want to promote. You then give this report away on your blog, for free.

This might sound a bit crazy, but if it’s free, more people will want it; and the more people that read it, the more clicks on those affiliate links you are likely to get. Successful affiliates can generate thousands in affiliate commissions using this technique, and you can increase its effectiveness by making people give you their e-mail address to in return for your free report; which means you can then continue to promote your affiliate schemes to them.

Video Marketing

This is one of the most effective methods many affiliates are currently using to promote offers and generate large affiliate commissions. With the popularity of sites like YouTube, anyone can upload a video, and in just a few minutes, they could have people clicking on the link you get to include in the video summary, which sends people to the affiliate offer you are marketing.

Most computers have the capability to create simple videos reviewing a product you want to promote, or offering advice on a particular topic. The more popular the videos are, the more traffic you will get; which should mean more affiliate commissions. YouTube videos also show up in Google’s search results, so affiliates can also benefit from good search engine rankings too.

Promoting your chosen affiliate schemes doesn’t have to be expensive, if you are rich in time but poor in money, these free methods should allow you to generate enough traffic to your offers, so you can start making decent affiliate commissions.

4 Mistakes Marketers Make With Google AdWords and How to Fix Them

1 Dec

When advertising on Google AdWords, a lot of mistakes can occur. With the potential high cost that a particular keyword can bring, you may be forced into bidding on a keyword that is above your budget, all while the campaign itself is riddled with other problems. A double whammy.

To help you with this problem, I have listed 5 common mistakes that beginner and veteran advertisers make when creating and running their AdWords campaign. If you want to make your campaign as profitable as possible, then I suggest you pay attention and correct these mistakes now so that they don’t continue to hurt you in the future.

MISTAKE #1: Running ads on the display (content) network

Admittedly, there are some marketers who are having success with the display or content network. However for most advertisers, this is a recipe for disaster. Although the cheap costs to run ads on the display network may seem attractive, the bottom line is that you will get alot of hits – with little to no sales.

You also have to deal with common pay per click search engine issues such as poor traffic quality and click fraud. You will often hear from people online that they are making a “fortune” with the display network, but I suggest you don’t listen to them. This is similar to a person saying that they made $30,000 in their first month online, while you’re still trying to make $100 a month online – and them selling you on the idea that you can do it too.

Don’t listen to the advice. Period

MISTAKE #2: Not having a good landing page

Your landing page will make or break your campaign. Depending on what you sell and how much you sell it for, the strategy for your landing page will differ. If you sell a high-priced product, then you will want to generate leads and follow-up on them with future mailings. If you sell a low-priced product, you can still do the same, but leading your customer directly to your product page can be a good idea also – especially if what you sell relates directly towards the keywords you are bidding on.

But not only is a good landing page important for your initial income, but it is good for your quality score with AdWords. If Google considers your website is full of good and quality information for your visitor, you will receive a better quality score with Google – which will only increase your rankings in the pay per click search engine results.

Some people use this information to create something called a “pre-sell page”, where they have very informative articles and product reviews that includes links to a product they’re selling or an affiliate product. This works if done right, and this kind of helpful page can definitely boost your rankings. Here’s mistake number three.

MISTAKE #3: Having a high daily budget

The obvious reason not to do this is because you can simply forget that you set a high budget, and you may blow all of your funds quickly. With a non-profitable campaign, this is a no-go.

But not only that, even though this strategy may seem good initially, it can severely hinder the results you’re trying to achieve. When you set your daily budget above the recommended budget that Google suggests for you, Google will boost the amount of impressions on each campaign that you have that employs this technique.

The impression increase will occur on non-targeted “broad match” keywords which will only lead to a low click-through rate (CTR). With a high impression count and a low click-through rate, this leads to a low quality score. Because of it, your AdWords ads will be placed lower than they should be, and you won’t get as many visitors as you would like.

MISTAKE #4: Not having a high enough bid

When you bid too low, you don’t get as much clicks as you would want to. If you’re specifically testing an idea out by bidding too low, then this is fine. But if you’re specifically looking to earn money from your campaigns, then you can’t bid at a low price.

If you’re ads show up on the 3rd or 4th page of the Google search results, how do you expect to get traffic? You want to bid high enough where at the very least you can break even on your ads, and at best – make a profitable. And you do this by targeted your keywords correctly.

You will want to use Google’s free keyword tool to get as much targeted and low cost keywords that you can bid on as possible The low cost keywords you select shouldn’t be too competitive, so you can bid relatively high on them while still making a profit.

Be sure to avoid these 4 mistakes so that you don’t become another victim of poor advertising. Good luck on your Google AdWords campaigns.

How to Get Your Brand New Website Off to a Good Start

1 Dec

If you are building a website to promote affiliate links which you
hope someday will be ranked well in the search engines, here is
some advice.

This will be hard for beginners to do. I know this because I have
been there myself and know how hard it is to see the big picture.

If you hope to have your site ranked well by Google, do not put any
affiliate links on your site at first.

1. It won’t do any good anyway because a new site gets no search
engine traffic.

2. Google can have very adverse reactions to the site if they think
the site MIGHT be there just to promote affiliate links. They are
really clamping down on this lately. Google hates sites which seem
to be there just to promote affiliate links.

3. Spend a few days submitting the new site to relevant directories. If your site is about dogs, do a search in Google for “Dog Directories”. You will find many directories where you can submit your site for free. Many of these sites have good rankings in Google and will benefit your site’s status.

Be patient with new sites. Create plenty of good content Google
will love. Make sure you understand SEO BEFORE writing the content.
Get the site ranked in Google before putting the first affiliate
link on. And even then, do not slap affiliate links all over it. One
at first is plenty.

Of course if you plan on getting traffic from a source besides free
search engine traffic, this advice does not apply. But I highly
suggest beginners do not assume they can make a profit by driving
traffic to their site with PayPerClick.

Best Regards,


How to Make Money With AdSense

1 Dec

Almost everyone knows something about how to make money online. Who’s to say what the best way is to get there in regard to blogs and websites? Personally, I’m undecided; if I can find a better way to monetize my blogs and websites I will probably take it.

Generally it’s not good to have all your eggs in one basket so finding multiple advertising partners and affiliates is a great idea. Regardless, the following question is this?

“How Do I Earn Money with AdSense?”

There are millions of sites that use it as a monetization strategy but unfortunately very few of them actually make money. The thing about it is that it only works for high volume websites and blogs. If you want to make big money with their system you will need to have big traffic, it’s really that simple.

There are a few reasons why people will click on one of your AdSense links.

1.) They are interested in what is being offered. (happens sometimes but very unlikely)

2.) They are not happy with the blog or website layout and design and just want to leave the site. (very common situation…)

3.) They couldn’t find what they were looking for and had a better alternative.

4.) They want to reward you for your quality content. (in reality this is not good for 

 the blogger or webmaster and I will explain why in future articles.)

As a word of advice, the make money online niche is definitely not the most profitable; however it is a niche that will allow you to learn more about internet marketing and be more successful in general.

I enjoy writing about topics in regard to this niche because it reinforces the fundamentals of search engine optimization and gives me a chance to explore new avenues in the field.

The bottom line is unless you plan on receiving thousands of visitors on a daily basis, Adsense will probably not become a large source of income for you.

You will make lots of money with adsense once you have high ranking places for targeted keywords that bring in a lot of traffic. The more traffic you bring in the more revenue you will make.

It’s possible to make hundreds of dollars per day if you really focus on generating quality content with optimized keywords and then back it up with the appropriate contextual backlinks from reputable and high page rank sites.

Currently I bring in a lot of revenue combined in all my niche sites. However if you break it down I don’t make a significant amount in any individual site. Regardless, the cumulative effect allows me to live comfortably.

Want to Make Money with Adsense?

Here is the formula:

1.) Focus on a keyword or long tail keyword that has a fairly moderate daily search quantity. Try your best to create articles and incorporated the keywords into your titles, body, headers and meta tags. Then make another article and keep repeating the process adding quality content regarding the keyword topic.

2.) Go out and obtain backlinks for that keyword associating the keyword with your website, your articles etc… Incorporate the keyword into your links and wait it out…

3.) After you start seeing your ranking place increase significantly for your targeted keyword move on to the next.

If you follow this formula, you will be successful with AdSense but it may take you a while to see results. Be prepared to spend several months if not years moving up the ladder before you will really see results that translate into huge AdSense revenue.

Each keyword term you target and reach success with in terms of Google ranking place will make it easier for you to rank better in other terms that you target. There is a cumulative effect in keyword targeted, the more keywords you rank high with the less you will need to do to get the same results with new keywords that you introduce.

Getting the search traffic is only a small part of the formula; you will have to understand what to do with the traffic once you get it.

I will discuss this topic in future articles but I hope this has helped to shed some light on AdSense and its revenue making potential given the appropriate circumstances.

Best Regards


Easily Increase Your Google PageRank And Visitors in Two Easy Steps

1 Dec

I have talked with tons of frustrated webmasters that struggling with getting a decent Page Rank from Google. Over and over I read in webmaster related forums how hard people struggling to get traffic to their site and a decent Page Rank. In fact I used to struggling with this myself. However, after 3 years plugging away at trying to earn affiliate commissions and provide my family with extra income from my online business ventures I have finally developed a no fail formula. I have used this formula to repeatedly bring a brand new website to a Google Page Rank of 4 in a month sometimes two.

I will tell you honestly from the beginning that there really is no secret to this formula and it is something that you can easily learn. Do not listen to all of the internet marketing gurus who tell you that there is some hidden secret to traffic generation. There really is no secret. However there are some tools and proven steps that you can take to explode the traffic and Page Rank of your site.

So you have gone to all the work of registering a domain, and setting up a site. Yet you are constantly frustrated looking at your traffic logs day after day because no one is coming to your site. Not even the popular search engine spiders.

Now just a little bit of advice read through this formula completely with an open mind. Don’t say to yourself oh I have heard this before or I have already done this. If you simply follow the steps as they are laid out in this formula for two months you will see results guaranteed.

Step 1 Submit Your Site

The fist thing that you want to do is get the search engine spiders to come to your site and start indexing it into their database. The best way to do this is build one way inbound links. The more one way links you have the faster you will get indexed. Also that faster your Page Rank will raise.

Now the reason that most people don’t do this is because it can be a boring task. Endlessly submitting your site over and over again to 200 or so directories is a real meanial task. You are constantly cutting and pasting the information over and over again until it feels like your head is going to explode from boredom.

I used to do this all by hand myself and take weeks to complete the whole list of over 200 directories that I submit to on a regular basis. It was so boring I would often give up half way through. You are likely to do the same. This is a task that could try use some automating to save time and money!

Step 2 Add Content

This sounds really simply and it is but it is the key. We have all heard over and over from almost every internet marketer worth their salt that “Content is King”. Well, this is honestly one of the only universal truths online. The more content you have on your website the more visitors you will have day in and day out.

One mistake that I see many new marketers make is going for the wrong keyword. They have a brand new site with a Page Rank of 0 and they are targeting high traffic and highly competitive keywords. Instead go for niche keywords or keywords with little competition for them. Typically I like to target a keyword that is getting at least 100 searches a month and had less then 500 competing sites. This is just a guide but it is a good starting place.

Once you have built the site up and have traffic coming in and a decent Page Rank then you can start knocking off the competition for the more competitive keywords. However, it is best to start with the low hanging fruit first. It is important to not let your ego get involved with this step. You have to humble yourself to go for a non competitive keyword.

By adding your site to one way non reciprocal linking directories and adding content to your site every few days you will have tons of traffic pouring in after just a month. I typically am able to get a brand new website with a page rank of 0 and 0 visitors coming to the site up to a Page Rank of 4 with at least 200 visitors a day coming to the site in about one month. This might not sound staggering but it is just the start and things quickly grow exponentially from there.

The only secret that I have if you can even call it that is to take action. So many people fancy themselves as internet marketers. They build a site or purchase a turnkey site and try for a week or two only be discouraged and give up. They then jump on the next bandwagon and spend money for the newest hottest script out there. If you are doing that you will just lose money and eventually give up all tighter on internet marketing. So take action and list your site in some directories today! It takes only a few minutes with the right software and by submitting to even 5 sites a day and writing one article or webpage a day you will soon be raking in the traffic and money! So stick to it and get started now

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