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Auto Blog What?!

2 Dec

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4 Mistakes Marketers Make With Google AdWords and How to Fix Them

1 Dec

When advertising on Google AdWords, a lot of mistakes can occur. With the potential high cost that a particular keyword can bring, you may be forced into bidding on a keyword that is above your budget, all while the campaign itself is riddled with other problems. A double whammy.

To help you with this problem, I have listed 5 common mistakes that beginner and veteran advertisers make when creating and running their AdWords campaign. If you want to make your campaign as profitable as possible, then I suggest you pay attention and correct these mistakes now so that they don’t continue to hurt you in the future.

MISTAKE #1: Running ads on the display (content) network

Admittedly, there are some marketers who are having success with the display or content network. However for most advertisers, this is a recipe for disaster. Although the cheap costs to run ads on the display network may seem attractive, the bottom line is that you will get alot of hits – with little to no sales.

You also have to deal with common pay per click search engine issues such as poor traffic quality and click fraud. You will often hear from people online that they are making a “fortune” with the display network, but I suggest you don’t listen to them. This is similar to a person saying that they made $30,000 in their first month online, while you’re still trying to make $100 a month online – and them selling you on the idea that you can do it too.

Don’t listen to the advice. Period

MISTAKE #2: Not having a good landing page

Your landing page will make or break your campaign. Depending on what you sell and how much you sell it for, the strategy for your landing page will differ. If you sell a high-priced product, then you will want to generate leads and follow-up on them with future mailings. If you sell a low-priced product, you can still do the same, but leading your customer directly to your product page can be a good idea also – especially if what you sell relates directly towards the keywords you are bidding on.

But not only is a good landing page important for your initial income, but it is good for your quality score with AdWords. If Google considers your website is full of good and quality information for your visitor, you will receive a better quality score with Google – which will only increase your rankings in the pay per click search engine results.

Some people use this information to create something called a “pre-sell page”, where they have very informative articles and product reviews that includes links to a product they’re selling or an affiliate product. This works if done right, and this kind of helpful page can definitely boost your rankings. Here’s mistake number three.

MISTAKE #3: Having a high daily budget

The obvious reason not to do this is because you can simply forget that you set a high budget, and you may blow all of your funds quickly. With a non-profitable campaign, this is a no-go.

But not only that, even though this strategy may seem good initially, it can severely hinder the results you’re trying to achieve. When you set your daily budget above the recommended budget that Google suggests for you, Google will boost the amount of impressions on each campaign that you have that employs this technique.

The impression increase will occur on non-targeted “broad match” keywords which will only lead to a low click-through rate (CTR). With a high impression count and a low click-through rate, this leads to a low quality score. Because of it, your AdWords ads will be placed lower than they should be, and you won’t get as many visitors as you would like.

MISTAKE #4: Not having a high enough bid

When you bid too low, you don’t get as much clicks as you would want to. If you’re specifically testing an idea out by bidding too low, then this is fine. But if you’re specifically looking to earn money from your campaigns, then you can’t bid at a low price.

If you’re ads show up on the 3rd or 4th page of the Google search results, how do you expect to get traffic? You want to bid high enough where at the very least you can break even on your ads, and at best – make a profitable. And you do this by targeted your keywords correctly.

You will want to use Google’s free keyword tool to get as much targeted and low cost keywords that you can bid on as possible www.AdWords.google.com/select/keywordtoolexternal The low cost keywords you select shouldn’t be too competitive, so you can bid relatively high on them while still making a profit.

Be sure to avoid these 4 mistakes so that you don’t become another victim of poor advertising. Good luck on your Google AdWords campaigns.

Easily Increase Your Google PageRank And Visitors in Two Easy Steps

1 Dec

I have talked with tons of frustrated webmasters that struggling with getting a decent Page Rank from Google. Over and over I read in webmaster related forums how hard people struggling to get traffic to their site and a decent Page Rank. In fact I used to struggling with this myself. However, after 3 years plugging away at trying to earn affiliate commissions and provide my family with extra income from my online business ventures I have finally developed a no fail formula. I have used this formula to repeatedly bring a brand new website to a Google Page Rank of 4 in a month sometimes two.

I will tell you honestly from the beginning that there really is no secret to this formula and it is something that you can easily learn. Do not listen to all of the internet marketing gurus who tell you that there is some hidden secret to traffic generation. There really is no secret. However there are some tools and proven steps that you can take to explode the traffic and Page Rank of your site.

So you have gone to all the work of registering a domain, and setting up a site. Yet you are constantly frustrated looking at your traffic logs day after day because no one is coming to your site. Not even the popular search engine spiders.

Now just a little bit of advice read through this formula completely with an open mind. Don’t say to yourself oh I have heard this before or I have already done this. If you simply follow the steps as they are laid out in this formula for two months you will see results guaranteed.

Step 1 Submit Your Site

The fist thing that you want to do is get the search engine spiders to come to your site and start indexing it into their database. The best way to do this is build one way inbound links. The more one way links you have the faster you will get indexed. Also that faster your Page Rank will raise.

Now the reason that most people don’t do this is because it can be a boring task. Endlessly submitting your site over and over again to 200 or so directories is a real meanial task. You are constantly cutting and pasting the information over and over again until it feels like your head is going to explode from boredom.

I used to do this all by hand myself and take weeks to complete the whole list of over 200 directories that I submit to on a regular basis. It was so boring I would often give up half way through. You are likely to do the same. This is a task that could try use some automating to save time and money!

Step 2 Add Content

This sounds really simply and it is but it is the key. We have all heard over and over from almost every internet marketer worth their salt that “Content is King”. Well, this is honestly one of the only universal truths online. The more content you have on your website the more visitors you will have day in and day out.

One mistake that I see many new marketers make is going for the wrong keyword. They have a brand new site with a Page Rank of 0 and they are targeting high traffic and highly competitive keywords. Instead go for niche keywords or keywords with little competition for them. Typically I like to target a keyword that is getting at least 100 searches a month and had less then 500 competing sites. This is just a guide but it is a good starting place.

Once you have built the site up and have traffic coming in and a decent Page Rank then you can start knocking off the competition for the more competitive keywords. However, it is best to start with the low hanging fruit first. It is important to not let your ego get involved with this step. You have to humble yourself to go for a non competitive keyword.

By adding your site to one way non reciprocal linking directories and adding content to your site every few days you will have tons of traffic pouring in after just a month. I typically am able to get a brand new website with a page rank of 0 and 0 visitors coming to the site up to a Page Rank of 4 with at least 200 visitors a day coming to the site in about one month. This might not sound staggering but it is just the start and things quickly grow exponentially from there.

The only secret that I have if you can even call it that is to take action. So many people fancy themselves as internet marketers. They build a site or purchase a turnkey site and try for a week or two only be discouraged and give up. They then jump on the next bandwagon and spend money for the newest hottest script out there. If you are doing that you will just lose money and eventually give up all tighter on internet marketing. So take action and list your site in some directories today! It takes only a few minutes with the right software and by submitting to even 5 sites a day and writing one article or webpage a day you will soon be raking in the traffic and money! So stick to it and get started now

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