What is YouTube partner program
It enables YouTube users to earn money by displaying relevant ads on the videos uploaded by them. It is unique income opportunity which does not require a person to own a website.

Who can participate
Users should have exclusive Global rights to the videos uploaded. Only video content suitable for online streaming is allowed. An AdSense account or Google check out account is required.
AdSense is a Pay Per Click advertising program offered by Google.

Factors affecting approval
Users should regularly upload videos of high quality. Number of subscribers. Compliance with YouTube terms of service.

How to promote your videos
To earn money in this program it is very important to have good number of subscribers. You can link to your YouTube videos in case you have a website. If you do not own a website another strategy which can increase visitors to your video is allowing embedding option so that others can distribute the video. You can also send your video link to websites or blogs with similar content so that they can link to your video on YouTube.

How can you earn money
YouTube Revenue sharing program will enable you to earn money when visitors click on ads displayed on your videos. You can link the YouTube partner program and AdSense account to track your earnings.

Reporting – Number of views, Earnings can be accessed using the Partner Reports tab after you sign in into YouTube partner Program.

Payments – Payments in YouTube Partner Program are made along with the AdSense earnings. Payment History can also be accessed in the AdSense Account.


YouTube Users – The Big Mistake


Video marketing is really turning people into stars, whether it’s a movie star, a rock star or an internet marketing star it’s definitely the way to market YOU INC. By making short videos and submitting them to YouTube, you can have hundreds if not thousands of people viewing your video within hours of uploading it.
You will find people from all walks of life uploading their video’s daily. Even my 10 year old son has a video on YouTube teaching people how to whistle with two fingers in your mouth. Believe it or not he gets lots of views to his video and I think he secretly wants to become a star himself one day.
If you are a business minded person, video marketing will be just one of the many ways of driving traffic to your business or opportunity for years to come.

The Big Mistake

There is one big mistake I see video marketers making and I actually found this out by accident. Recently I was viewing a video and it was executed in a very professional manner giving lots of detail about their business and how to achieve by using these particular techniques she was using in her own business. It was when I decided to look into this person’s technique a little further that I discovered the big Mistake. Let me tell you, this woman was not the only one making this big mistake.
When you upload your video, you have the chance to write a description that appears directly underneath your video. Most marketers use this description section as a resource box. This is a place where you can drive traffic to your website if people would like more information about what you do or wish to purchase the product you are promoting. All you have to do is insert your URL into this box that says description. Easy!
After seeing this, I really started to have a good look through YouTube videos and to my amazement there are literally thousands of people directing their YouTube watchers to never never land. Nowhere! If you are not putting your URL in the description box you are letting money and prospective business partners literally just slip through your fingers.

It’s not good enough just uploading a video and crossing your fingers and hoping people will find you and your website. You should now go directly to your YouTube account and check every video on your site and make sure you are directing your viewers to your online destination.

YouTube Secret Traffic Generation Tools

YouTube Marketing Secrets:

The majority of YouTubers have NO idea what a YouTube partnership is.

A YouTube partnership is a program where you partner up with YouTube and you gain some very powerful benefits.

Benefits of YouTube Partnership:

YouTube will process your videos in a higher resolution and will serve them reliably.

YouTube will give you access to a much more detailed Insight tool. With the use of the Insight analytics tool, you can optimize your existing and upcoming videos to reach a larger audience.

YouTube will help your protect your content more. This means you have the ability to brand your channel with exclusive options only partners have access to.

YouTube will give the opportunity to have revenue sharing. This means that Google will overlay your video with ads and banners that will generate you a small profit each time someone clicks.


You must NOT have any copyright issues. You own the rights to everything you upload, they make NO exceptions.

You upload videos often that are each viewed thousands of times.

All your videos must follow YouTube’s guidelines and Terms of Use.

Tips on Partnership Program:

You can apply for the YouTube Partnership program. But before you apply, make sure that your account meets the qualifications. I highly recommend that you wait for YouTube to offer you the partnership program because your chances of being approved would be higher. Not everyone gets accepted to be a YouTube partner so to ensure your partnership, apply with a high upload view count and a high number of subscribers.


The YouTube insight tool is an extremely powerful tool to use to optimize your videos. It shows you the video’s statistics by days, months, or years. It also shows you how people get to your video, who is watching your videos, where the hot spots are in the video, and where your viewers are from. This tool can help you figure out what to do to get people to your video if used correctly.


Annotations are text bubbles that YouTube lets you overlay your video with after it’s uploaded. It’s a great way to have interactive commentary in your videos. You can set up annotations to be links to other YouTube videos, channels or search results. Also, you can invite people to add their own annotations to your own videos. People have made interactive games with the use of annotations. You should make sure they don’t bring attention away from important points in videos though. To avoid that, you can control when and where they pop up in your video along with the bubble type and color.

Other cool YouTube Secrets:

  •  Comment search allows you to search YouTube for people’s comments.
  •  Insight for audience lets you find out what keywords certain audiences are searching.
  • Caption Tube lets you add captions and subtitles as an overlay to your video.

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